ANA Comics is looking for Artists to contribute their talents towards a fun educational book for kids, with a goal to publish it in spring of 2015.

Book Details:

The book would feature illustrations of animals from throughout the world; each illustrated by a different Artist, and would be accompanied by a write up from the Artist on why they picked that animal and at least three interesting facts about the animal.

The book will be published by ANA Comics and our goal is to find corporate or crowd funding partners to help us produce an amount of books that would be donated to schools, and include a digital copy of the book allowing educators or child care organizations to print black and white color sheets for their kids to use.

Profits made from the book will be used to support charity efforts to promote reading in young people and wildlife conservation efforts.


Information for Artists:

In submitting your illustration and write up on your chosen animal, the Artists are granting ANA Comics the rights to publish, distribute, reproduce, and utilize your submitted art in any means related to this project. All submissions must be original, fully owned, and produced by the Artist.

Art must be submitted digitally and at these specs: 300dpi or greater | 10 x 15 inches | Image can be landscape or portrait | TIFF file type – (note: Artist’s write up about their animal should be separate from the image. Please do not put any copy on to the image.) ALL submissions should be submitted no later than Feb 28, 2015.

Art does not need to be colored. However if you would prefer to color your own work that is fine, ANA Comics asks that you also submit a high resolution black and white file of your illustration to include it in the Kid’s digital pack to print activity and coloring sheets.

You can pick any animal you like. We’re not even worried about duplicates. The key is to pick an animal you like personally, make sure you have its full name, and three things about it you find interesting. In your write up please state: – Who you are – name – What you do – Artist, Designer, Teacher, etc. – What is the name of your chosen animal – example American Bald Eagle – Why did you pick it – What are three things you would like the reader to know about this animal. Please keep in mind our target audience is 3 – 10 year olds, visual content and written content should be age appropriate. Also all write ups will be edited to fit a consistent format for the book.

All contributing artists will have their name & website printed in the back of the book.

Artists can submit as many Animal illustrations as they like so long as they meet the requirements listed above. Submitting multiple illustrations does not increase, change, or create any additional obligation to the Artist by ANA Comics, as participation in this project is voluntary and no compensation is promised for participating.

Participation in this project is voluntary and does not constitute employment or any other relationship with ANA Comics.

Artists that would like to contribute can contact Anthony Hary with any questions.

All submissions will need to be sent with a signed copy of the submission release form which will be posted on anacomics.com to download and send in.

ANA Comics does reserve the right to decline any submission. There is however no prerequisite skill requirement or credentials needed. If you can draw your favorite animal and write up a short paragraph about why it’s your favorite, you can submit to be a part of this project!



Thank you in advance to all who are interested in being a part of this project. ANA Comics has produced other publications for charity in the past, most notably our Indy Swimsuit book to support the fight against breast cancer. As a publisher, ANA Comics has a vested interest in literacy and is excited to put together this project geared towards promoting both education and reading in young people.

Please spread the word to all artists you know that may be interested in helping us make this book as fun as possible.


Thank you,


Anthony Hary



E-Mail submissions to: submissions@anacomics.com