FIFTEEN MINUTES – Pre Order Special

Earlier in 2013 we did a Kickstarter to fun this book. If you missed out on getting the Kickstarter Exclusives, here is your chance to sneak in. Thankfully 54 people felt this project was worth making happen and because of them it is.

Pre-Order your own copies today- FIFTEEN MINUTES is scheduled to release in Winter 2014.
60+ pages
Written & Illustrated by: Anthony Hary





OPEN SUBMISSIONS: ANA Comics is printing a volume 2 to our WE’RE INDY Anthology. The purpose of this anthology is simple: To showcase Creator Owned Independent talent and their properties. With profits being donated to the American Cancer Society to support the fight against cancer.

Our last book went over really well and helped bring attention to properties and their creators to assist them in building their audience. Its a great deal, a great opportunity, and it doesn’t cost the creators anything to be a part of.

Just follow our simple step process:

1. Request & Fill out submission release form granting A.N.A Comics permission to include your property and work in the anthology.

2. Send in your files on time and at the correct format settings and you’re golden!

Interested parties please email: submissions@anacomics.com

Key points:

-There is no cost to the creator for participating.
-There is no compensation or payment for participating.
-ANA Comics plans to print this Anthology in the fall of 2014, that is why all digital files are due 6/30/14
-Cost to print this book is being covered by A.N.A Comics and it is in the same effort as our first WE’RE INDY book, to help showcase the great creator talent out there.
- Digital files MUST be sent via DropBox or Sendit.com or other large file download system.
- Signed Authorization MUST be sent physically to you for records since it must be notarized. If they include it in their digital package, thats fine, but we need the physical release on file.
- ANA Comics will not form your creative team, we can only accept fully finished stories.

The deadline is solid: 06/30/2014

If their work isn’t in by then, it won’t be included. If we dont have at least 10 stories in the book, it wont be printed. Submissions can be 4 to 8 pages, NO MORE.

We will accept pin up submissions for artists who would like to showcase their art but dont have a story. Only 2 pin-ups per artist at most.

They still need to fill out the same release form and follow the same guidelines.